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Flat Roofing: Installation and Repairs in Lethbridge 

Due to their design, flat roofs are prone to leakages more than any other roofing system. So damage from elements is typical in this type of roof. If you have even a slight fault in your flat roof, it can result in heavy damage in winters and monsoon. So when it comes to flat roof leaks and repairs, contact the professional team at T N R Roofing Ltd.

We always respond to any emergency roof repair needs and save a minor fault from becoming a major issue. Our experienced roofers are skilled at identifying and repairing leaks. When you need flat roof repairs in Lethbridge, choose us as your trusted contractors.

Ultimate Roof Protection 

One of the most significant aspects of your building is the roof. It provides protection from the elements and weather conditions. Taking good care of your flat roof ensures a prolonged lifespan without any problem. But not taking proper care can cost you far more than you might have thought. 

T N R Roofing Ltd pays great attention to detail to create a perfect roof to save you the hassle of repairs and replacement. Our seamless installation process is not completed until we take a full assessment of the newly installed roof. You can always call us for help in times of roofing emergencies.

Calling our team for a regular inspection will help us detect leakage points that might prove to be damaging to your roof in the long run.


We offer waterproofing services for your flat roofs to create a moisture barrier and protect your property from leakage. During our no-obligation roof assessment, our roofers will visit the site to assess the roof and install a vapour barrier where required. You can also call us to inspect any issues with your vapour barrier.

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Fix Now or Pay Later

Rely on experts for roof repair as it can save your money and offer many benefits in the long run.

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Check out our latest roofing projects and experience the difference that we make.

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Quality That You Can Trust

We offer a 6-year workmanship warranty on all our residential and commercial roofing work.

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