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Professional Built-up Roofing in Lethbridge

Built-up roof or BUR systems are ideal for commercial and larger residential properties due to their excellent weatherproofing and fire resistance features. The high thermal resistance properties of BUR attributes to its multiple layers. If you are a large property owner and want to reduce your utility bills, BUR is for you.

T N R Roofing Ltd offers built-up roofing systems in Lethbridge for low-slope and flat roofs. Feel free to speak with our team to know more about the available options.

Extend the Life of Your Current Tar and Gravel with Repairs and Maintenance

What Is BUR?

Built-up roofing or BUR is also known as tar-and-gravel roofing and can be applied in three and four-ply thicknesses. The feature makes it stand out among other roofing systems that use single-ply membranes. The gravel used in the process secures the roofing material and offers added protection to the roofing layers. It also prevents cracking, which extends the life of your roofing system.

Why Get BUR Tar & Gravel Roof System?

It offers a smooth finish to the roof surface
Water resistance and high tensile strength are ideal for commercial and industrial roofing
Due to these features, the BUR system can also withstand harsh winters
It offers heat resistance and UV protection
It prevents drain clogging

A Cost-effective Alternative: Ballast Gravel

Single-ply roofing system uses a different type of gravel, called ballast gravel. It differs from the BUR protective gravel and offers many benefits:

It costs much less than the BUR tar and gravel system
It requires less application time
It is a great choice for commercial buildings
It weighs down the roofing materials
It offers protective benefits like other BUR roofs
It makes the roof resistant to strong winds
It provides substantial protection against wind gusts

At T N R Roofing Ltd, our team commits to providing you with a dependable roofing service. With quick and affordable services, we are your trusted roofing experts. Give us a call and tell us your roofing requirements.

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